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Scientific Corporation “BIOLOGY GAS SERVICE” LTD was founded in the city of Ekaterinburg with the purpose of realization of a socially important project: “XENON AND XENON SAVING TECHNOLOGIES IN MEDICINE”.

“SC “BIOLOGY GAS SERVICE” Ltd is elaborating new medical technologies and equipment for Xenon therapy. Russia is the first country in the world where normative legal basis for implementing Xenon in medicine was authorized by the order of the Ministry of Health under No.363, 1999, 10, 8th, and Xenon was included into the State Register of medicinal means.

In Sverdlovsk Region Xenon was included in the Regional List of medicinal means – under No 98-n, of 2008, 02, 8th , issued by the Ministry of Health of Sverdlovsk Region.

Xenon is highly effective in treatment of traumatic injuries of different etiology, for relieving pain in neurologic syndromes, diabetic polyneuropathy, for treatment and prophylaxis of pain shock and treatment of disorder in the muscle tonus (muscular hyper tonus, myalgia), relieving acute toothache and pains under stomatology manipulations

Fields of implementing: neurology, narcology, midwifery, stomatology, sports medicine, emergency medicine, physiotherapy (medical technology No. FS 2010 / 123).

“SC “BIOLOGY GAS SERVICE” Ltd” produces apparatuses for Xenon inhalation of three modifications – SAKI - stationary, STAKI - stomatology, and PAKI - portable (license No FS-99-03-003729 for carrying out activities in producing and technical managing medical technical devices).

Due to using small flows of gases in the apparatuses: 100, 250, and 500 ml per minute, Xenon consumption per procedure is from 0.1 to 1.5 liters which eliminates an overdose of Xenon. The possibility of emergency supply of Oxygen of 4 liters per minute provides the patient’s protection against hypoxia. High degree of the patient’s protection against barotrauma and hypercapnia is also provided. The maximum permissible concentration of Xenon in the environment while apparatus is in action does not come to the level of 0.002% which is more than twice lower than MPC which is 0.005%.

“SC “BIOLOGY GAS SERVICE” in cooperation with the leading medicinal institutions and enterprises of Ekaterinburg and other cities of Russia is realizing the task of introducing Xenon into the wide medicinal practice.

Together with The Urals State Medical University we carry out training specialists in “Xenon Anesthesia and Xenon Therapy”, the course demanding 72 hours after which those who were on the program receive a state granted certification. Lately 160 doctors, specialist from different regions of Russia were trained and qualified in the program.

In 2013 and 2015 the Company in cooperation with the Urals State Medical University and doctors who had mastered the technologies of Xenon treatment prepared and issued methodical recommendations for medical technologies “Implementing Oxygen–Xenon inhalation in stomatology” and methodical recommendations “Treatment of adaptation disorders by the method of Oxygen-Xenon inhalations”.

In 2015 the Company in cooperation with E.D Goldberg Scientific Research Institute of Pharmacology and Regenerative medicine has elaborated medical technologies “Method of treatment by Oxygen-Xenon gas mixture in the closed contour”, “Treatment of nervous system diseases with the pain syndromes by the method of Oxygen-Xenon inhalations”.

Principal trends of the activities of the enterprise:

  • scientific researches and constructional works;
  • implementing Xenon and Xenon saving technologies into medicinal practice;
  • sale of the specialized equipment for Xenon therapy produced by the enterprise;
  • training specialists for therapy technologies and for working with the equipment produced by the enterprise.

“SC “BIOLOGY GAS SERVICE” Ltd offers the whole complex of services for implementing the unique technologies and methods of treatment into the medical practice.

For questions of training and acquiring apparatuses of any modification contact: or +7(343)777 17 25

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