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Xe in medicine


Xenon in Medicine

Xenon is a noble gas. Due to its biochemical inertness it is devoid of acute and chronic toxicity, teratogenicity and embriotoxicity. It is not allergenic.
Medical Xenon has practically no contra-indications. That is why the spheres of its application in medicine are constantly widening.
Principal Pharmacological Properties of Xenon
It is:
-         analgesic;
-         hypnotic;
-         nootropic;
-         anxiolitic;
-         antistressor;
-         antidepressant.
Spheres of application
-         Anesthesiology
-         Neurology
-         Obstetrics
-         Narcology
-         Stomatology
-         Catatstrophe Medicine


Characteristics of Ideal Inhaled Anesthetics as Compared with Xenon

Ideal Anesthetics
Xenon (Xe) 
1. must possess pleasant smell, not irritate respiratory tract, must provide quick and pleasant induction
Has neither smell, nor color, does not irritate respiratory tract, provides quick and pleasant induction
2. must possess low solubility blood/gas
Xe has the lowest solubility coefficient of blood/gas =0.14
3. must be chemically stable, must not react with adsorbent
Is chemically stable, inert
4. must be neither flammable, nor explosive
Neither burns, nor detonates, nor keeps up burning
5. must  switch off consciousness, provide analgesia and miorelaxation
Causes amnesia, analgesia and miorelaxation 
6. must be strong enough in combination with high concentrations of Oxygen
Xe in mixture with O2 (70:30) provides adequate anesthesia 
7. must neither metabolize, nor be toxic, nor provoke allergic reactions
Is indifferent in organism, nontoxic, is neither teratogenic, nor allergogenic, nor embryo toxic, nor cancerotoxic, does not influence reproductive function
8. must produce minimum impact on cardiovascular system and be compatible with other medical preparations
Does not produce negative influence on blood circulation system and is compatible with any medical preparation
9. must be absolutely intact and exhaled through lungs unchanged
Xe is the inert gas and is exhaled unchanged with the air
 Due to its inertness Xenon is unable to induce metabolic disorders of cells either on subcellular or molecular levels. That is why anesthesia with Xenon gives no side effects that are characteristic for other preparations used for inhaled narcosis which brings Xenon quite close to ideal anesthetics.

Xenon meets the majority of demands made on ideal anesthetics.

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