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Xenon therapy is a present day trend of medicine extensively developed in Russia. Introducing the inert gas Xenon into therapy of a wide range of diseases is very actively developed all over the world as one of the most promising direction in medicine. All the leading enterprises producing gases contribute to the scientific investigations in this field.

Lots of clinic and experimental data are accumulated ascertaining that Xenon is an ideal anesthetic and therapeutic means of a wide spectrum of pharmacologic properties for the treatment of different diseases. Due to its properties Xenon is used nowadays for dealing with stresses of various etiologies, headaches, sleep disorders, chronic tiredness syndrome, depressive disorders as well as for rehabilitation of patients in the process of recovering, including post-operational period and in rendering palliative aid.

Xenon is also applied for increasing working capacity, for treating drug addiction and rehabilitation after alcoholic intoxication. Having the property of neuroprotection and the ability to positively influence upon apoptosis of cells of the central nervous, Xenon is and will be widely used in the treatment of brain illnesses.

This tendency is a serious alternative to the existing methods of pharmacotherapy of a wide range of diseases.

Xenon (Xe) is a noble inert gas. It is not subject to biotransformation and is exhaled from the organism through lungs during 3 or 4 minutes. It differs from all the other pharmacologic preparations applied in medicine being absolutely nontoxic and indifferent in the organism, having neither cancerogenic, nor allergenic properties. It neither gives rise to cardio depression, nor influences the morphologic composition and blood coagulation system. Xenon does not change immunity and neuroendocrine status being ecologically pure and harmless.

At present, in Russia, the standard narcosis respiratory equipment is used which principal deficiency is the great waste of Xenon.

“SC “BIOLOGY GAS SERVICE” produces highly economical, reliable, safe and effective equipment for therapeutic procedures. Our method of Xenon therapy, as compared with standard ones, makes it possible to quickly achieve steady therapeutic effect. And the patented method adds to it a considerable decreasing of gas waste. The apparatus is provided with safe blocking up and regulating gas fittings:

  • possibility of supplying small gas flows of 100, 250, 500 ml per minute;
  • emergency supply of Oxygen – 4 liters per minute;
  • Xenon consumption of 1 to 1.5 liters per procedure of inhaling for adults;
  • Xenon consumption of 0.1 to 0.5 liter per procedure of inhaling for children;
  • the apparatus is equipped with a special device making it possible to carry out exact analyses of the gas mixture;
  • special characteristics of the apparatus construction provide the possibility to lessen resistance to breathing;
  • apparatus is functioning in closed and half-closed breathing contour and is equipped with a device for collecting carbon dioxide;
  • high degree of protection against barotrauma;
  • safe gas tract;
  • devices for a quick substitution balloons in the apparatus;
  • apparatus is provided with a device making it possible to fill the breathing contour without loss of gases, to stop the procedure of inhaling and in case of need to continue the treatment with the preserved volume of Xenon;
  • the class of depending on the potential risk of implementing the apparatus is 2a –not harmful for a patient in case of a failure;
  • code for All-Russian production classification 944490 – medical equipment for treatment.

The two last points provide doctors of any therapeutic specialization who were trained on the basis of The Urals Medical University, with the knowledge and experience to work with the apparatus. The duration of training of 72 hours is accomplished with receiving the Certificate of a state pattern of the right to render therapeutic Xenon inhaling procedures.

The method of Xenon therapy offered by “SC “BIOLOGY GAS SERVICE” guarantees quickly achievable and steady therapeutic effect.

-         treatment of pain and pain syndrome;
-         therapy of stress;
-         treatment of depression;
-         therapy of sleeping disorders;
-         treatment of dependences (drug or alcoholic addiction);
-         rehabilitation and restoration after illnesses;
-         rehabilitation after exhausting mental and physical work;
-         increasing working ability;
-         rendering palliative aid;
-         increasing working capacity.
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